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Why Should You Consider Online Counseling? – 3 Key Benefits

Thanks to the rise of the internet and the convenience of online video calls, counseling has truly never been more accessible. With online therapy options popping up all over the internet, you may have asked yourself: should I take the plunge? 

Of course, there are pros and cons to every decision we make. However, when it comes to seeking online counseling, the pros seem too good to ignore. Interested in learning more? Keep reading to discover three key benefits you can take advantage of when you utilize online counseling services. 

Why go to therapy at all? 

Before diving into the specific benefits of online therapy, let’s first discuss why you should seek therapy in the first place. For several years now, there have been wonderful conversations surrounding the destigmatization of mental health struggles. Along with this movement came the normalization of therapy. For many, however, seeking therapy is something they would never consider. 

Speaking to a trained professional is not a sign of weakness, as societal standards may have led you to believe. Your problems do not have to be “bad enough” to receive help. The only thing that should qualify you to see a therapist is the desire to. In short, nothing should stop you from seeking therapy if you are interested in it. 

man sitting outside working on his laptopOne: It offers a convenient way of receiving counseling

Traditional in-office therapy may not be accessible to many people for a variety of reasons. Geographic locations and busy schedules may have prevented you from seeking therapy in the first place. With online therapy, however, you can fit counseling sessions into your schedule whenever and wherever. 

This rise in convenience makes seeking therapy an option for many people who previously were unable to seek treatments. Online counseling also gives the benefit to those who live with physical disabilities. In certain situations, the effort of getting to the counseling session in person did more harm than good. The convenience of online therapy opens possibilities for so many more groups of people. 

Two: You can feel comfortable in your environment 

We all feel a bit on edge in a new environment. Whether you are at a new job, a new city, a friend’s house, or simply not a place you are familiar with, you may have your guard up–whether accidentally or purposefully. Speaking to a stranger—even if that stranger is a mental health professional—in a new environment is likely not a great recipe to let your guard down. 

Therapy sessions in the convenience of your own home are an incredible luxury of online therapy. You can speak to your counselor anywhere you want: your bedroom, your office, even your couch! 

Three: Generally, online counseling is more affordable 

Unfortunately, finances are usually a big factor in whether someone seeks out therapy. Having to pay an exorbitant fee for therapy is a huge deterrent to many. The good news is that online counseling is generally more affordable. 

While every insurance company is different, since the COVID-19 pandemic, many health insurances began covering online therapy the same as in-person options. While the cost may still be intimidating, you can never put a price on strong mental health. 

Ultimately, whether you are going into a mental health professional’s office or logging on to Zoom from your bedroom, the important part is receiving the care you deserve. Even if you have only vaguely considered seeking counseling before, explore the different pathways available to you. If you are looking to get in touch with a counselor in your area, please reach out today. We would be delighted to speak with you further about the benefits of online counseling.