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IFS Family Recovery Group

Recovery, Hope, And Healing For Families And Loved Ones Impacted By Addiction

Have You Become Overwhelmed By A Loved One’s Addiction?

Has a family member or someone close to you who battles addiction turned your world upside down? As much as you try to support them, do you feel frustrated and lost, never sure if your words or actions are the appropriate way to handle what’s happening? Because your life is impacted by your loved one’s choices and behaviors in numerous ways, would you benefit from a safe and understanding forum that offers sanity, healing, and recovery?

Addiction does not discriminate. Regardless of the form it takes, addiction is a systemic and pervasive disease that transcends age, gender, race, and socioeconomic status. In addition to the individual struggling with addiction, their loved ones are also put under tremendous stress navigating the often-turbulent ups and downs along with them.

Supporting someone with addiction can lead to financial strain, health problems, damaged relationships, and neglecting your own responsibilities. The resulting emotional turmoil you feel—care and concern mixed with anger, fear, panic, guilt, resentment—may complicate the way you show up for your loved one. Perhaps patterns of codependency or enablement thwart your efforts to help them or prevent you from attending to your own needs.

Although addiction treatment centers do a good job expediting the initial and urgent recovery process of the person struggling with dependency, the rest of the family and other loved ones impacted by addiction are often ignored. Without proper and effective guidance or support, you may feel overwhelmed, anxious, and unsure of how to heal your family.

However, helping family and friends repair, heal and develop healthy ways of being enhances the potential for lasting change. Family therapy, support groups, education about addiction, and healthy boundary-setting are crucial components in the recovery process for both the person with addiction and their loved ones.

What You Can Expect From Select Counseling’s Support Group For The Families and Friends Of Addicts

Select Counseling’s support and therapeutic group for the family members and friends of addicts and alcoholics is focused on providing support and healing for anyone who has been impacted by addiction. Our addiction support group offers Internal Family Systems (IFS) group therapy to facilitate the recovery of family members and friends impacted by substance use or other non-chemical addictions such as gambling, shopping, or sex. Through shared experiences and collective support, group psychotherapy offers a distinctive and valuable opportunity for personal growth, connection, and healing. 

As a cutting-edge and evidence-based psychotherapy modality, IFS has been widely used to treat a variety of mental health disorders such as addiction, anxiety, and trauma. Drawing from IFS tools, participants will learn how the coping mechanisms—or parts—we develop in childhood continue to impact our interactions with loved ones throughout our lives.

A Case Study In IFS: How The “Peacemaker” Affects The Family Dynamic

Growing up, a child may have learned artful ways to defuse an argument between their parents by jumping into the middle of it. By becoming the “peacemaker”, she may have perceived herself as defending her mother when her father became verbally abusive. As an adult, she may have become a communications specialist, adept at navigating and de-escalating highly tense situations. Given her expertise in this capacity, she thrives professionally.

However, at home, when normal disagreements arise between her husband and the kids, she unconsciously reverts into her peacemaker role, always defending the children while shutting down her husband’s parental authority. As the conflict between the parents persists, the children start to develop a habit of avoiding responsibility and blame others for their mistakes. They perceive their mother as the “good cop” who always takes their side, while their father is seen as the “bad cop” who tries to hold them accountable for their actions.

Although the peacemaking role served her well in childhood, as a parent it’s become ineffective and created turmoil within her family. Unfortunately, when one of these children becomes addicted to drugs, their mother’s peacemaker part continues, predictably, to come to the rescue so that they never have to face their responsibilities.

What Our Support Group For The Families Of Addicts Covers

Adults 18 or over who have a loved one with any type of addiction can attend this workshop, whether their loved one is in recovery or still actively engaged in their addiction or using substances. The overarching objective is to foster recovery and well-being for family the members and friends themselves, allowing them to find resilience and healing within the context of their loved one’s addiction.


  • Understand the basic principles and concepts of Internal Family Systems (IFS);
  • Develop insight into the protective role your internal parts play and understand the impact they have on you and those around you;
  • Foster a compassionate and accepting attitude towards the various parts of yourself;
  • Develop a real or imaginary safe place where you can feel at ease, balanced, and gain clarity;
  • Develop tools for when your parts feel vulnerable and overwhelmed in the moment;
  • Empower your parts by learning assertive communication and boundary-setting skills;
  • Learn the neuroscience of substance use;
  • Feel a sense of connection and motivation by seeing other members face similar challenges.

In this closed group, participants come together in a structured therapeutic setting for eight weeks. Once the group begins, new members will not be added. This structure offers a safe and consistent environment, fostering trust and familiarity among participants. What’s more, it enables deeper exploration of personal issues, as members can build stronger connections and feel more at ease sharing in a stable and supportive atmosphere.

Utilizing IFS tools, this support group will be far more than a place to share experiences. Participants will work on themselves to recover, grow, connect, and heal with their loved ones. Restoring themselves to health serves as a roadmap for their addicted loved one to get healthy and live life to its fullest.


About Your Facilitators, Jaime Fowler, MA, LCPC, LCADAS, CAC-II And Summer Bryant, LCPC

Jaimie FowlerLoved ones often feel isolated, stigmatized, and confused about where to seek support for themselves. Select Counseling team created this support group for the families of addicts to bring a critical component to recovery that’s been missing for too long. With Summer’s and Jaimie’s extensive experience in intensive outpatient therapy for addiction and recovery, both are passionate about helping family members and other loved ones better understand the disease of addiction and learn how to cope with its impact. The reason they chose group therapy as the platform to support the families of addicts was because it promotes connection, helping them feel less isolated and stigmatized. For more information about Jaime and Summer,  .

IFS For Substance Abuse Recovery Provides Family Members And Loved Ones Impacted By Addiction The Tools To Heal

Our goal is to empower and support you on your journey of healing as you grapple with a loved one’s addiction. Through IFS therapy, you will be equipped to navigate the unique complexities and challenges you face. To find out more about support groups for the families of addicts that Select Counseling offers, please contact us.

  • Logistics:

● Duration of the workshop: eight-weekly sessions

● Length of each session: 90 min

● Time/Date of the Week: every Tuesday, 5:30pm-7:00pm

● When: Begins Tuesday June 18th 2024

● Where: Online

● Number of attendees: eight maximum (first come, first serve)

● Counselors: two addiction therapists will facilitate each session

● Fees: $100 / person

● Payment: full payment in advance required to reserve your spot. No refunds.