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Resolve Problems Before They Harm Your Marriage With Premarital Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling

As you plan your wedding day, your honeymoon, and the start of your brand new life as a couple, you should also work on your plan for staying together. It is not uncommon for marriages to start off blissfully, but then hit rough patches as spouses encounter conflict without knowing the proper ways to communicate to resolve that conflict.

Resolve Problems Before They Harm Your Marriage

You may want to consider pre-marital counseling if you are having trouble answering the following questions, or if you simply want to ensure a solid foundation for your marriage at the start.

  • Have you and your partner discussed how you will handle money?
  • Do you and your partner agree on if you will have kids and how they will be raised?
  • Do you and your partner share the same values, religion, and political views?

Pre-Marital Counseling Will Teach You the Skills You Need to Maintain a Healthy Marriage

At Select Counseling, we help couples open the door to deep conversations about the things that matter most in a marriage, allowing them to explore the issues before they turn into problems. You can learn the skills you need to navigate those conversations – as well as future ones – so that you will be able to head off conflict before it begins.

One of our main approaches centers on Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, a short-term structured approach to couples therapy backed by over 20 years of empirical research. The goal of this therapy is to expand emotional responses, initiate new forms of interaction, and create a secure bond between partners. With this approach, we can help couples prevent pointless arguing, emotional disconnections, and intimacy issues by helping them learn the problem-solving and communication skills needed to navigate the following issues that often arise during marriage.

Select Counseling Can Help You Save Your Marriage Before It Begins

A strong marriage is built upon each spouse’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Let us help you discover each other’s true nature, innermost needs, and the ability to truly cherish and connect with your partner.

Email or call us today at 410-949-1238 and tell us about your relationship so that, together, we can find healthy resolutions to your challenges. One of our goals is to help couples reconnect and rediscover their love. Let us help you, too.

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