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Unveil The Language Of Your Long-Lasting Relationship
Premarital Counseling Workshop

Do You Want To Unlock the Secret Code Of A Happy, Thriving Marriage?

Are you in a committed relationship and about to embark on marriage? Before taking the next step, do you want to ensure that you and your partner have built a strong foundation based on mutual understanding, deep trust, and shared emotional vulnerability? Would you like to learn how to navigate challenges while safeguarding your relationship from the potentially destructive cycles and conflicts that can doom relationships?

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By combining the most effective methods of premarital couples counseling—Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and the Gottman method—with our thirty years of collective wisdom, this group workshop can help you discover what it takes for you to thrive during the ups and downs of the marriage journey.

Our workshop underscores the incredible impact that a deep emotional connection can have on all aspects of your relationship—from enriching your sex life to bringing more laughter and joy into your daily interactions. By choosing this path, you’re not merely steering away from the possibility of heartbreak, but you’re also embracing the opportunity to create a more resilient, joyful, and intimately connected partnership, capable of withstanding life’s challenges together.

Instead of waiting for small cracks to become fissures that pull you apart, perhaps you’re ready to take a more proactive approach to safeguard your connection. Or even if you’re aiming to guide someone else in your family towards a successful marriage, consider offering them this workshop as a precious and effective gift.

Incorporating Evidence-Based Approaches To Help Nurture A Long-Term Relationship 

As a group practice that specializes in premarital and couples therapy, we work with clients from all walks of life. Some premarital couples seek wisdom to establish a strong relational foundation early on. Others come to us when they realize their foundation is too weak, or may even collapse if put to the test of a long-term commitment. It saddens us when we don’t meet couples until unhealthy patterns have already become entrenched in their relationship.

We created this premarital counseling workshop because we believe that if more couples could access effective tools at the beginning of their relationship, they would avoid the heartache and suffering that often pushes them to the brink of despair and even dissolution. When it comes to evidence-based relationship approaches, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and the Gottman method represent the gold standard of couples therapy. [1] [2]  Our premarital counseling group also includes research and wisdom gathered from other relationship field’s top experts, including Dr. Shirley P. Glass and Esther Perel. [3] [4]

What You Can Expect From Our Premarital Counseling Workshop

In our thoughtfully crafted workshop, you will identify the emotional anatomy of your deep relational connection while also identifying its blind spots. By incorporating the principles of EFT and Gottman into premarital group counseling, you will learn how to:  

  • Build a stronger foundation for your relationship;
  • Transform relational weaknesses into strengths;
  • Navigate hot topics—such as money, careers, sex, children, and in-laws—in ways that bring you closer to each other; and
  • Safeguard your relationship against infidelity and other heartaches.

When couples attempt to resolve their conflicts without addressing the unspoken needs and fears that fuel ongoing disagreements, it can lead to a repetitive negative loop where nothing is resolved, emotional distance grows, and physical intimacy deteriorates. However, a secure relationship is a safe haven where each person can consistently depend upon the other, feeling seen and heard and ensuring their emotional needs are understood.

In this dynamic group setting, we aim to blend psychoeducational content with learn-by-doing teaching methods. We focus on the power of playfulness as a tool for deeper understanding and practical application of the topics discussed. This unique combination allows us to explore each theme hands-on, ensuring that our sessions are not only informative but also engaging and transformative. By implementing these concepts directly into our premarital counseling workshop, we create a dynamic environment where learning is achieved both intellectually and through experience.

What Our Premarital Counseling Workshop Covers

We have structured our EFT and Gottman-inspired premarital counseling workshop to include evidence-based relational approaches to ensure your partnership thrives:

  • Sessions: 1-4: Setting Up a Strong Foundation for a Happy, Thriving Relationship/Marriage
    • Identifying the three phases of love;
    • Exploring the attachment style each of you brings to the relationship and the impact that has on your dynamic;
    • “Unlearning” the negative cycle that leads to emotional disconnection and replacing it with open communication, shared vulnerability, and deep, abiding trust;
    • Making meaning out of your emotional experience while ensuring your needs are met;
    • Learning the Seven Pillars of Gottman’s Sound Relationship House
  • Sessions: 5-7: Mapping and Addressing Hot Topics
    • Learning how to discuss potentially challenging topics, such as career, money, sex, children, in-laws, etc.
    • Offering hands-on tools to navigate conflict, such as the Gottman Repair Checklist, Conflict Blueprint, and Four Horsemen Antidotes;
    • Effective strategies you can implement to heal an inflamed relationship.
  • Session 8: Prevention: Safeguarding Your Relationship
    • Understanding how and why betrayal happens and learning “Friends of the Relationship” concepts
  • Session 9: Follow up and Commencement
    • Troubleshooting
    • Tailored recommendations (if necessary)

About Your Facilitators, Summer Bryant, LCPC And Masha Kartashev, LGMFT

Along with being licensed therapists, both Masha and Summer have invested years of additional counseling and training into becoming certified EFT therapists. Additionally, Summer has received training from the Gottman Institute. They are both passionate about helping the couples they work with learn and grow. Like “emotional cardiologists,” each has been trained to assess, diagnose, and prescribe ways to heal an inflamed relationship.

It is their honor  to share their depth of knowledge about love and relationships with you. Their vision for the EFT-Gottman premarital counseling workshop is for it to be more of a heart-felt emotional experience that can guide each couple to thrive, nurture and have a joyful long-lasting marriage journey. They hope that in years to come, the lessons you take away from it will provide you with a winning formula for a successful marriage and inspire you to show up as your best selves. For more information about Masha and Summer,  .

Let Us Partner With You To Set Your Relationship Up For Success

Whether you plan to marry soon or are in a committed relationship where “making it legal” isn’t a priority, Select Counseling’s EFT and Gottman premarital counseling workshop will provide you with the tools, knowledge, and resources to invest in your relationship. With this knowledge, you can cultivate a healthy relationship that will endure the curveballs that life may throw your way. To find out more about our EFT-Gottman premarital counseling workshop, please contact us.



Duration: nine-weekly sessions

         ○ Sessions 1-8 are held weekly

         ○ Session 9, is held one month after finishing the first eight sessions.

Length of each session: 90 min

Time/Date of the Week: every Thursday, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Start Date: Thursday May 2nd, 2024

Where: Online

Number of couples: six couples maximum (first come, first serve)

Premarital Counselors: two couples therapists will facilitate each session

Fees: $100 per person (for nine-weekly sessions)

Payment: full payment in advance required to reserve your spot. No refunds.