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Post-Vacation Wake-Up Call: Why Do Couples Fight Afterwards?

You and your partner have just returned from a vacation. You’ve noticed that you’re fighting much more than you used to. If you’ve looked it up online, then you know it’s not an uncommon thing: a lot of couples fight during and after a vacation.

But knowing it’s common and experiencing it yourself aren’t necessarily enough to help you understand why it happens. And understanding the reasons why couples normally fight after a vacation is key to getting past this. There might be a lot of reasons why couples fight more after a vacation, but here are some of the most common reasons.

The Vacation Didn’t Go as Hoped

If the vacation you were so excited about didn’t go as planned, you might have brought that frustration and resentment home. The plans for the vacation weren’t exactly what you wanted them to be. Alternatively, the plans were perfect, but for various reasons, you couldn’t do everything on the list.

Or maybe the fights started earlier. You spent your holidays fighting over every little thing, and now you’re left with a bitter feeling as you come back home, knowing instead of having fun, you spent most of your time-fighting.

Now that you’re home, bringing all these emotions with you, it’s no surprise you end up fighting with your partner more often than normal.

woman kissing her girlfriend on the cheekDisagreements Over Money

It’s very likely that you spent a lot of money on that vacation. In fact, it’s possible you might have spent too much money, and you’re going to find yourself struggling a little for the foreseeable future.

On the other hand, you and your partner might have stayed within your budget, but you might both have made purchases that the other doesn’t understand, and you feel the money might have been better spent otherwise.

Disagreements over money are known to strain relationships, and since a lot of money gets spent on vacations, you find yourself arguing with your partner more often after coming back.

You’re Not Happy With Your Life

One way or another, the vacation you went on has made you realize you’re not happy with a part of your life. Maybe you’d like to spend more quiet time where you can read books you enjoy. Or maybe you spent so much time in nature you wish you could be around it more often. Maybe you went to the beach and realized that you’d be happier living by the seaside.

Whether you try to incorporate these missing elements into your life or you find unable to do so because it would be unrealistic, you might find yourself more short-tempered than usual. Your partner might not be happy with a change in routine either, especially if it means spending less time with you. It could explain why you argue so much these days.

The Vacation Revealed Problems

It’s also possible that going on vacation has revealed some problems between you and your partner. They might even be what caused you to fight on the holiday itself. The trip might have revealed insecurities that you hadn’t been aware of, or that you thought you were kept under control. Or maybe it just showed you simply have different needs within your relationship, and you’re not sure how to meet in the middle.

It’s very likely you’ve realized you’ve got problems communicating with each other, and you still have them. That may be one of the reasons why you keep arguing and fighting so much while you are on vacation. It may be why you’re still fighting now that you’re back from vacation. After all, these problems aren’t gone just because you’re no longer traveling together.

Whatever problems you and your partner are having, it’s possible to overcome them. If you find that the two of you need help to address these problems, don’t hesitate to make an appointment. It’s possible to resolve your problems. You just need the right kind of help and couples therapy can be just that.