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Is Your Relationship Suffering from Jealousy?


In the past, it was thought that men experience jealousy when they believed that there was physical infidelity in their relationship, whereas women experience jealousy when they believed that there was emotional infidelity in their relationship. In truth, research has come to find that men and women will experience jealousy over both physical and emotional infidelity equally.

Is Your Relationship Suffering from Jealousy?

If you or your partner can answer yes to any of the following questions, then you may have a problem with jealousy.

  • Have you ever gone through your partner’s mobile messages, email, computer, or other personal property
    because you were suspicious?
  • Have you ever questioned your partner’s motives when making a new friendship or continuing an established one?
  • Have you ever found yourself considering an inappropriate relationship with someone else because you feel your partner already has an inappropriate relationship?
  • Do you constantly argue with or interrogate your partner over where they are going, what they are doing, and if they are telling the truth?

Unfortunately, if you and your partner allow your feelings of jealousy to take over your relationship, your ability to trust each other will be lost, which can lead to infidelity and ultimately falling out of love with each other. Couples therapy can help you address this issue and prevent it from leading to the destruction of your relationship.

Determine the Root of Jealousy and Manage It

There are many reasons why you or your partner are experiencing jealousy in your relationship, some of which can be boiled down to a lack of effective and meaningful communication. No matter what the case, we can help you and your partner determine the root of your jealous feelings and behaviors and teach you how to manage these feelings and even eliminate them once and for all.

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