Telehealth sessions in Maryland and DC

Grace Reasner



Hello! I’m Grace, an intern at Select Counseling and a student at Towson University. I am excited to say that I will receive my bachelors’ degree in psychology in the summer of 2023. My main areas of focus are gender studies and counseling in clinical settings. I am drawn to the field of psychology by my passion for helping, supporting, and advocating for others. After I complete graduate school, I aspire to become a therapist who can genuinely connect and bond with the people that I help, and that is why I hope to one day work at Select Counseling. I admire the clinicians here at Select Counselling for the way that they treat those around them with sincerity, compassion, and respect. Throughout the rest of my internship and career, I hope to continue to learn professional counseling skills from the experienced clinicians who work at this practice. To add a few fun facts about me, in addition to my love for psychology, I enjoy writing poetry, playing guitar, painting, and going to music festivals.