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Do you suffer from the stress of being single?

Stress of Being Single

Do you suffer from the stress of being single? While you might put on a front that you enjoy the single lifestyle, there are many ways that being single can also put stress on your life. Review the following situations.

  • You worry about money because you are living on a single income or because you do not have very much in savings.
  • You feel overwhelmed by being a single parent trying to manage all at once— from taking care of your kids, working, cleaning the house, cooking, and running errands to starting, engaging, or maintaining a romantic relationship.
  • You feel like you are surrounded by nothing but couples.
  • You feel lonely more often than not.
  • You obsess about finding someone to be with.
  • Your family, friends, and coworkers are pressuring you to settle down.
  • You dread Valentine’s Day more than Tax Day.
  • You want to get out more, but you don’t want to join the “singles” groups.
  • You want to connect and find a meaningful relationship, but you are not sure where to start.
  • You’ve gone out on plenty of first dates, but none have panned out to be worth a second date.
  • You jump into bad relationships in order to avoid being single.
  • You are so burned out from previous relationships that you dread being in a new one yet hate being alone.

If you are experiencing these feelings or others, then individual counseling can help. Utilizing a variety of approaches to therapy, we can work with you to help you strengthen your confidence in preparing for a relationship or reducing your stress of being single.

Being Single Can Be Stressful – Therapy Can Help

In addition to working through the issues that make being single stressful, we can help you identify your inner strengths, manage your anxiety, improve your communication skills, and learn how to create meaningful emotional connections. All of these things can help you identify your true self, making you ready to happily face the world as a single or giving you the confidence to pursue the relationship of your dreams.

Email or call us today at 410-949-1238 and tell us about the challenges you are dealing with so that, together, we can find healthy resolutions. One of our goals is to help individuals work through their challenges and build a strong foundation for their future. Let us help you, too.

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