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Defying Single Stereotypes: Becoming Okay With Being On Your Own

Are you recently single? When was the last time you were single? Are you having trouble adjusting to being on your own? That happens to all of us, especially if we just ended a long-lasting relationship. Single stereotypes say you’ll be miserable, but that doesn’t have to be true. It might take a little work, but it’s possible to be comfortable alone.

Being alone isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can live a very fulfilling life while being single. But when you’re not used to it, it’s a process. You have to take small steps toward being okay, and you can do it. You just need to know where to start.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

We all do this. We all compare ourselves to others and judge our own lives based on what others have, and we don’t. But that’s a habit that makes us all feel less confident. You’re on your own unique journey. You don’t have to compare yourself to others because your life and theirs aren’t comparable.

A good starting point for being single is catching yourself every time you start comparing your lack of relationship to other people’s happy partnerships. There’s nothing wrong with being single. Besides, being in a relationship with the wrong person can leave you feeling worse than not being in a relationship at all.

Do Something Spontaneous

Being single comes with a freedom you didn’t have before. You don’t have to check with your partner to see if you have plans before you can do something, so take advantage of that. Be spontaneous, do something on a whim. Maybe you leave the house to try that new coffee shop that caught your eye, or you decide to go see a movie simply because you have nothing else to do. You have the freedom to be spontaneous, so do something without planning ahead for once.

photo of a man laughing and looking up at the sky while holding his phoneTry a New Hobby

Not being in a relationship gives you more free time. It’s important to find something to do with that. So, why not try a new hobby? Is there something you’ve been meaning to try for a while now? Maybe you want to take a pottery class or learn a new language. Maybe you want to take a dance class instead.

It doesn’t matter what you want to do. It just matters that you go out and do it. Learn something new and have fun while you’re doing it. You have the time to do it now, so why not?

Turn to Your Friendships

Let’s face it, when you’re in a relationship, you tend to have less time for your friends. This happens to many of us, and it’s likely your friends have done the same in the past. But now that you’re single, it’s the perfect time to reconnect with your friends and spend more time with them.

Friendships are just as important as romantic relationships, so treasure them now that you can. Your friends will be just as happy to spend time with you as you are to spend time with them.

Give Therapy a Try

Breakups are hard, and this type of transition can weigh on you. It can make you feel miserable for a long time. But you don’t have to be. Don’t hesitate to reach out for relationship counseling if you think you need it. There’s nothing wrong with seeking support, and counselors and therapists are here to help you. Being single doesn’t mean you should cope with lonely feelings by yourself. You’re going through a tough time, so be kind to yourself and allow yourself to receive help and support so you can feel better.