Telehealth sessions in Maryland and DC


Select Counseling offers the following counseling services for couples, individuals, and expatriates to address a wide range of issues in order to help you live the life you want.

Couples Counseling

Address issues such as never-ending arguing and communication problems, jealousy and falling out of love, intimacy problems, affairs and broken relationships through couples counseling.

Build a strong foundation for your marriage through pre-marital counseling.

Individual Counseling

Address issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma & PTSD, single parenting, and the stress of being single through individual counseling.

Family Counseling

Address communication issues and resolve conflict amongst family members through family counseling.

Expatriate Counseling

Learn about the expat experience and address expat trauma through expatriate online video counseling.

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Contact us today and tell us about the challenges you are dealing with so that, together, we can find healthy resolutions. You can reach us at 410-949-1238 during daytime and evening hours.