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What Is Internal Family Systems Therapy?


Have you ever heard of Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)? It was developed by family therapist Richard Schwartz in the 1980s. At first, it was a type of therapy for people who suffered from eating disorders, but it is now considered helpful for a variety of people with different disorders, or even people with no diagnoses at all.

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Defining Depression: What Is It?


Depression is a challenging beast to deal with. There isn’t a person out there who hasn’t at least heard of the word depression. But, there are a lot of people out there who don’t fully understand what depression is.

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Do You Feel You Are Falling Out Of Love?


No matter how strong the spark you felt for your partner or spouse was in the beginning, it can begin to fade throughout the years. Many couples find it difficult to reignite this spark and maintain their relationship, often times calling it quits before giving their relationship a chance.

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Are You Considering Becoming an Expatriate?

Expatriate Counseling

Becoming an expatriate, whether for career or personal reasons, can be an exciting experience for some, and a daunting experience for others. A lot of this experience will have to do with who made the decision to go abroad, where you are relocating to, what you will be doing, and how long you will be living abroad.

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