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mom handing her daughter cash
Family Counseling

4 Tips for Teaching Your Child How to Handle Money

Managing finances is one of the most stressful and sometimes confusing parts of adulthood. While it’s touched upon a little bit in primary education, it’s usually not given enough attention to give younger generations enough know-how when it comes to managing money.

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woman sitting in front of her laptop with her head resting on her hands
Depression Therapy

What Are the Sunday Scaries?

Sunday comes around. The morning felt easy as you sipped your cup of coffee and read the Sunday paper. By midday, however, you start to feel a little doom and gloom. Nothing specific happened; you had a great weekend. So what gives? That feeling is what is known as the Sunday Scaries.

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teen girl listening to headphones while working on laptop
Therapy For Teens

5 Tips to Combat School Performance Anxiety

School performance anxiety is very real and stressful for teens and college-age students. From keeping up a social life to taking care of your physical and mental health, it might not feel like there’s enough time in the day to do everything.

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