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Are Intimacy Problems Damaging Your Relationship?

Intimacy Problems

In order to sustain a solid relationship, couples must connect mentally, emotionally, and physically. Couples experience intimacy on an emotional and physical level, and when there is a lack of intimacy, the relationship will ultimately suffer.

When unaddressed, a lack of intimacy can damage the couple’s ability to connect with each other. This can ultimately lead to other issues including jealousy and emotional or physical infidelity.

Don’t Let Intimacy Problems Lead to Irrevocable Damage in Your Relationship

One or more of the following can lead to a lack of intimacy between two people in a relationship.

  • An inability to effectively and meaningfully communicate with each other.
  • A perceived significant change in one partner by the other that leads them to believe they no longer have anything in common.
  • Changes in family situations such as the birth of children or the introduction of an elderly parent who needs a caregiver.
  • Physical changes and issues such as menopause, illnesses, sexual dysfunctions, etc.
  • Emotional changes such as one or both partners experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression.
  • Unresolved past or current traumatic events.

Re-establish the Intimacy You Experienced at the Start of Your Relationship

If you and your partner are not satisfied with your level of intimacy, couples counseling can help you reconnect. In order to do this, we use the Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) approach. EFT is an effective, short-term yet evidence-based method that will help you increase your communication skills and foster a secure bond with your partner once again and re-establish the intimacy needed to maintain a healthy relationship. EFT will also help you initiate new patterns of interaction with each other in order to create increased closeness and thus increased intimacy.

Email or call us today at 410-949-1238 and tell us about your relationship so that, together, we can find healthy resolutions to your challenges. One of our goals is to help couples reconnect and rediscover their love. Let us help you, too.

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